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Are you looking for more flexibility, freedom of design and well designed functionality?

Modern and user friendly solutions that inspire?

This website will introduce you to our flexible sliding door and partition wall systems.

All parts are of the highest quality, customized to suit your requirements and designed to make the best use of your available space. In fact our systems may enable you to use space in ways that would otherwise not be possible .

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Living areas

Rethinking storage - This is where the strength of the Slide and Hide range comes in. Our sliding door and shelving systems offer a multitude of possibilities and designs for your living area.

Whether you want to cover your home entertainment system or create a new look and feel in your personal surroundings. Visualize your library of movies elegantly protected by glass sliding doors.Create a new room in your house with a room divider. Discover a different way to set of your dinning area.


When storage becomes a daily challenge: that is where Slide and Hide systems show off to their best advantage. In small rooms all space is used effectively including awkward corners and sloped ceilings. Big rooms are fitted with walk-in wardrobes complete with matching interior systems to keep your clothes organized and neatly arranged.Slide and Hide provide practical storage solutions for space behind the doors

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Hallways main


Intelligent storage solutions with Slide and Hide systems are ideal for small spaces in the hallway. No valuable space is lost using a pivot system and made-to-measure shelving from floor to ceiling providing full use of storage space. Add a mirror sliding door and not only do you create the impression of a larger brighter space but you can also throw a quick glance at yourself before leaving the house.

Home Office

With more and more people working from home. More often than not this is where they can enjoy a quiet working atmosphere. With the Slide and Hide range of stylish doors and practical shelving systems any corner of your home can be turned into a practical working environment. Create a workstation in a sliding door system that will disappear at the end of your working day.



Have you made up your mind on how to make the best use of your space? Have you chosen your sliding doors and panel materiasl?

Then why not let Slide and Hide take care of the remainder. We will take exact measurements of your available space in either your house, office, or apartment

We will expertly install your sliding door system for you. Please contact us for a quote.

Please see our updated gallery to view a selection of jobs we’ve already completed