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Our gorgeous Minimalistic range is unashamedly Italian influenced and makes bold statement in any modern home.

Rich glass colours add warmth and drama and just ooze luxury. The subtle brushed aluminium centre strip is deliberately understated, allowing the majestic glass panels to dominate the design to a breathtaking effect.
Minimalist Black
Minimalist White

The Minimalist range is available in the following range of glass panel finishes

Black Glass
Brown Glass
Maroon Glass
Cream Glass
Lace Effect Glass
Mirror Glass
White Glass

Minimalist door prices

Glass Door Lace Etched Glass Door
610mm - 740mm £333 £380
741mm - 913mm £379 £426
914mm - 1059mm £412 £459
1060mm - 1180mm £452 £499


0-1830mm £51
1831mm - 2745mm £66
2746mm - 3660mm £81
3661 - 4555mm £96

All Minimalist doors are desinged to fit a height of 2450mm.